Game Design by Example: How Lords of Waterdeep was Balanced

When a budding writer wants to write a novel, they’ll study novels, and learn their underlying structure. It’s incredibly important to understand how those who came before you worked, so you can stand on their shoulders. When a musician wants to write music, they’ll listen to music, and learn its underlying structure for the same reason. And when a game designer wants to balance a board game, they should study board games, and you guessed it, study its underlying structure. If you want a game balance example, read on.

Board Game Interface Survey

As a graphic designer, a board game designer, and a board game reviewer, I’ve been thinking a lot about how board game interfaces work lately. I’ve also been thinking about how they ought to work. There are so many ways our interfaces are inconsistent, contradictory and downright impossible to decipher. Sure, we can keep memorizing […]