If you are a publisher, I do not accept paid Kickstarter previews, but I do accept copies of games for reviews/strategy guides. Please contact me at least two or more months in advance for a strategy guide, and one month in advance for a review. Email me with a short pitch of your game, and a BGG page link (or a longer written description with photos), a rulebook, and I’ll let you know if I am interested.

Additionally, I am very open to game donations for giveaways and contests. If you donate copies of your game, I will do a short write up of your game (and potentially a very long write up if I like the game), in exchange for the donation.

I tend to enjoy highly strategic games, engine builders, spacial puzzles, and games with simple, tight rules. Card games and games with beautifully done graphic design have a special place in my heart. Games that can be played with two players have the best chances. I don’t typically do party games at all. You can get a strong idea of my favorite games from looking through my strategy guides.

Stats for the first 30 days since launch.

I can provide you with visitor counts, email list numbers, and whatever else you would like to know. I’ll also give you a mailing address to ship your game.

Contact me at